Concierge Tagging Service Request

Complete and submit form below.  We'll be in touch regarding availability as soon as possible.  This is a high-demand service with limited openings. Your request is not a guarantee we'll be able to provide service for you. All participants MUST COMPLETE AND SUBMIT THE CONCIERGE TAGGING SERVICE REQUEST BELOW for each pop-up.

If you've sold with Back on the Rack before, what is your Seller (Consignor) Number?

How many average size storage tubs (approx. 56 quart or 18 gallon) of items do you estimate you would like to sell? BRING YOUR BEST ONLY! ~ LIMIT SIX AVERAGE-SIZE TUBS OF CLOTHING FOR SPRING & SUMMER 2021 ~ ALREADY ON HANGERS PREFERRED. ITEMS NOT ACCEPTED IN OVERSIZED CONTAINERS OR TRASHBAGS... THEY WILL BE REFUSED AT DROP-OFF!!

What would you like to do with any unsold items following the sale?
I understand and agree to the Concierge Tagging Service TERMS OUTLINED BELOW. I understand that if I do not follow the terms, my items may not be tagged. Service requests will be given preference, based on answers to request forms questions. Our ability to provide tagging service to you may change, without notice.

Concierge Tagging Service Terms

  1. Items delivered to tagger must meet ACCEPTED ITEMS LIST & GUIDELINES.  Items not meeting these requirements will be donated, without additional notice to seller.

  2. Neatly pack items in average size plastic storage tubs with lids (approx. 56 quart or 18 gallon) or boxes with closed tops. Label each tub, lid and/or box with your seller number. NO ITEMS PACKED IN TRASH BAGS OR EXTRA LARGE TUBS ACCEPTED.

  3. Pack clothing separate from non-clothing items.

  4. Clothing and textiles freshly laundered with matching sets folded together. Turn clothing right-side-out, FASTEN ALL SNAPS, BUTTON ALL BUTTONS AND ZIP ALL ZIPPERS.

  5. Concierge Tagging Service sellers retain 40% of their sales and their tagger retains 20%.

    1. Estimated earnings ,provided online, during sale, will not match​ actual earnings for Concierge Tagging Service sellers, due to difference in seller percentage and fees.

  6. $30 Concierge Service Fee, paid as follows: $15 Seller Fee at time of registration and remaining $15 deducted from earnings.

  7. Concierge Supply Fees will also be deducted from your earnings for items tagged (for hangers, pins, card stock, printing, zip ties, ribbon, etc.) as follows: $15 for the first 200 items, plus $10 per additional hundred for items 201+. Based on seller inventory item count after all items entered, not items sold.

  8. You agree all items will be discounted to at least 50% off, at Back on the Rack's sole discretion.
  9. Additional services may be provided, at your tagger's discretion, with fees deducted from your earnings.  To avoid additional fees, properly prepare items before delivering to tagger.
    1. $10 per tub fee applies for matching clothing sets not folded together.

    2. Battery-operated items must have working batteries. Batteries may be replaced for a $2 Battery Fee, per battery, or donated.

    3. Package multi-piece items in clear zipper bags. Tape closed with clear packing tape. Otherwise, a $3 Bagging Fee, per multi-piece applies. Items missing pieces will be donated.

    4. Boxed items (games, puzzles. etc.) must be taped closed with clear packing tape. There is a $1 Taping Fee, per item.

    5. A $5 Large Item Cleaning Fee, per item, applies for unclean baby gear, etc.

    6. A $2 Shoe Cleaning Fee, per pair, applies for unclean footwear.

    7. We reserve the right to assess additional fees, for other unforeseen services provided. 

  10. DELIVER ONLY YOUR BEST, PROPERLY-PREPARED ITEMS FOR TAGGING! Sellers who continually require additional services and fees, or have excessive donated items, will become ineligible for future Concierge Tagging Service.

    1. The extra time it takes to tag improperly prepared items, or handle items outside our ACCEPTED ITEMS LIST & GUIDELINES is disrespectful to taggers and unfair to sellers unable to receive a Concierge Tagging Service spot.

    2. Not all items dropped off for tagging will be tagged. Your tagger will only tag the highest-quality, desirable brands/sizes/items.

    3. If you give your tagger more than 20 broken items or dirty/stained clothing items, you will be charged a $25 handling fee, which will be taken out of your seller earnings.

  11. All regular terms and conditions Back on the Rack, LLC Seller Agreement & Release apply, as agreed to during online registration.

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