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NEW Under Armour Price Guide

UNDER ARMOUR is a high-quality brand that holds its resale value very well.. Don't leave money  on the table by pricing it too low!

"Fast fashion" is on it's way out! Shoppers know what quality brands are worth and will pay appropriate prices for them!!

Also, here are my FAVORITE LAUNDRY PRODUCTS FOR CLEANING Under Armour! A little extra effort in the laundry room = MONEY in your pocket!!

SHOUT ADVANCED GREASE BUSTING FOAM is amazing for grease stains on Under Armour (like french fry grease). I buy it at Walmart.

ROCKIN' GREEN ACTIVE WEAR LAUNDRY DETERGENT is AMAZING for getting stains and odors out of Under Armour. Put one scoop in the washing machine drum, and one in the tray (front loaders). Set to steam cycle and add an extra rinse. Voila!! I buy it from Amazon.

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