Earn at Least


With Concierge

Tagging Service

Tagging items just not your style?  Or maybe you're short on time, but still want to #ClearClutter and #EarnGreen? Our Concierge Tagging Service makes Back on the Rack the ultimate convenience!


You'll deliver your gently-loved kids' stuff to Back on the Rack to be tagged by our experts. In exchange, you'll earn 40% of your total sales and your tagger will earn 20%. You're essentially sharing the 60% sellers who prepare their own items earn.


You'll still receive all seller benefits, including two Seller Pre-Shop Passes, to shop before we open to the general public. Plus... JOIN THE CREW to increase earnings, shop even earlier and get more Perks.

We wish we could accommodate all #SavvyMoms with Concierge Tagging Service.  However, as you might imagine, demand is high and space is extremely limited.


PLUS Perks


for Crew Members

Concierge Tagging Service

(replaces "Full Service" and "Partial Service" options)

How It Works

Interested? Here's how to get started...


  2. We'll follow-up with you as soon as possible regarding availability.

  3. Once we confirm a spot for you, REGISTER ONLINE TO SELL and pay the $30 Concierge Service Fee ($15 Seller Fee due at time of online sale registration, with remaining $15 deducted from your earnings).  Additional fees apply, as outlined in the Concierge Tagging Terms.

  4. Drop-off items to Back on the Rack at Tanglewood Mall

  5. JOIN THE CREW and get Perks!

    • Shop even earlier, at exclusive Crew Member Pre-Shop Events

    • Shop the 50% Off Day Party a day early

    • Earn up to 50% of your total sales

    • Refunded $15 Seller Fee

  6. SHOP EARLY - you'll receive two Seller Pre-Shop Passes to shop before we open to the general public

  7. After the sale, pickup any unsold items (or really #ClearClutter by allowing us to donate them for you!)


    • Earnings paid via PayPal following the sale. How cool is that!?

    • Make sure the email address you register with is the one associated with your PayPal account. Click here to get a free PayPal account.

What Can You Sell at Back on the Rack?

We'd love to help you sell just about any items pertaining to babies, children, teens and tweens,

maternity and home décor, in new or gently-loved condition! 

Clothing, Including Everyday, Seasonal, Holiday, Special Occasion,

Swimwear, Shoes and Accessories, Dress-up Costumes, Children's Books, Blu-Ray and DVD Movies,

Games, Puzzles and Toys, Baby Gear and Equipment, Video Games, Bikes and Ride-ons,

Outdoor Play Equipment, Sporting Goods, Nursery, Toddler and Children's Furniture,

Home Décor and Furnishings and More!


Car Seats and Boosters!

(restrictions and waivers apply)

Check out our ACCEPTED ITEMS & GUIDELINES for a detailed list

of what you can and can't sell at Back on the Rack.

#EarnGreen as a Tagger

Are you an experienced Back on the Rack seller with extra time on your hands?  We're always looking to grow our team of taggers. If you're kinda OCD about tagging (like we are) and love Back on the Rack (like we do), providing Concierge Tagging Service for other #SavvyMoms may be a great fit!


What a truly unique and flexible way to #EarnGreen!  In exchange for your time and talent, you will receive 20% of total earnings for items you prepare, plus additional consideration.


Want to learn more?  If you're interested, and have been a long-time seller with Back on the Rack, please contact us at to explore the possibility.

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