As a Concierge Consignor, we price & tag your kids' stuff for the current in-store resale pop-up. Your items are priced by consignment experts. Demand is high and space is extremely limited!

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  4. Your tagger will contact you to schedule a drop-off appointment

  5. SHOP EARLY, before we open to the public

  6. Pick-up unsold items and/or plastic storage tubs on designated day/time

  7. COLLECT YOUR $$$ via eCheck (a real check, emailed to you!)

Concierge Tagging Service 

Preparing Items For Drop-Off

You deliver items to your tagger prepared according to the chart below, neatly packed in plastic tubs or closed cardboard boxes.  Plastic tubs will be stored for you to pick-up at regular designated day/time after pop-up, along with any unsold items. Cardboard boxes will be discarded. Trash bags not accepted.

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Before dropping off to your Tagger, you prepare your items as follows:

Supply Fee

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Supply Fee - Don't want to run all over town searching for safety pins and cardstock? Concierge Sellers don’t have to! We’ve made it easy and only charge a nominal amount per the number of items you bring! See chart above. 

Returned Item Fee - Quality is more desirable than quantity! Due to time constraints, $0.20 per item will be deducted from your Seller proceeds for items delivered to your Tagger that don't meet Accepted Items & Guidelines. This includes both unaccepted items and items below quality standards.

Additional Service Fees - Additional services may be provided, at your Tagger's discretion. Examples include hanging and/or rehanging improperly hung clothing, cleaning/laundry, battery replacement, bagging & tapping multi-piece toys, assessed on a per item basis and deducted from your Seller proceeds. To avoid additional fees, or your Tagger declining to tag your order, please properly prepare items according to the chart above.

This is NOT to be viewed as a list of available services, but rather, a deterrent to encourage you to properly prepare your items for drop-off.
IF YOU DROP-OFF CLOTHING UNHUNG, A $0.10 PER ITEM FEE APPLIES for hangers and hanging service.

- Not available for 2GO Virtual Resale Pop-Ups

- Kids stuff only. Home décor, teen girl/boy, men's and ladies accepted at Tagger's discretion.