Price Like a Pro to Sell More

As a Back on the Rack seller, you choose the price of your items. That's one of the reasons you sell with us, instead of taking your chances at a kids' resale store, right? However, PRICING IS THE #1 REASON YOU PICK-UP A LOT OR A LITTLE AFTER THE SALE.


In general, we recommend pricing items at 25 - 30% of original retail price. BEFORE YOU START ENTERING INVENTORY AND CREATING TAGS, PRINT OUR DETAILED Pricing Guide FOR REFERENCE.  In it, we show you how to take into account brand, size-range and condition of clothing and other items.  You'll also get tips on what items to bundle together (like onesies and receiving blankets) and what items are a hard-sell (like infant knit pants and turtlenecks).  Some high-demand gear, in pristine condition, can be priced at around 50% of original retail price, as well as new-with tags (NWT) clothing in current style and trend.  


Ultimately, we want you to #EarnGreen and sell all your items. So, here are a few things to keep in mind when considering your pricing:

  • PRICE YOUR ITEMS AS IF YOU WERE THE BUYER (not seller). What would you actually pay for the item?

  • Do not let the 50% Off price affect the regular selling price you choose. That will make the regular selling price too high for our shoppers.

  • Prices start at $1.00 and increase in $0.50 increments (example - $1.00, $1.50, $2.00, etc.). The system will not allow you to price an item less than $1.00. Home decor item minimum is $4.50.

  • Our friends at Consignment Mommies have also prepared some terrific resources:

Should I Discount? Absolutely!


As a Back on the Rack shopper, you know discount day is a huge draw for shoppers!  During this time, items marked "Discount: No" will ring up full price, while "Discount: Yes" will be discounted.

WE ALWAYS RECOMMEND MARKING YOUR ITEMS TO BE DISCOUNTED!  We can’t tell you how many shoppers we have during our discount day choose not to buy something because “Discount: No” is on the tag. Ask yourself if you’d rather take something home or have the money. If money’s your answer, discount it.


More thoughts on discounting from our friends at Consignment Mommies: 
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