Price Like a Pro to Sell More

Our sellers set their own prices! Way better than taking your chances at a kids' resale store, right? But, PRICING IS THE #1 REASON YOU PICK-UP A LOT OR A LITTLE AFTER THE SALE.

In general, price items between 30% - 50% of original retail price. WATCH OUR NEW PRICING VIDEO for tips on taking into account BRAND, AGE and CONDITION. 

Price to Sell at Back on the Rack

Price to Sell at Back on the Rack

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We want you to sell all your items! Here are a few things to keep in mind when pricing:

  • PRICE AS IF YOU WERE THE BUYER. What would you actually pay for the item?

  • MINIMUM ITEM PRICES* (NEW! for 2021)

    • Books & DVD's - $1.50+

    • Baby & Kids - $3.50+

    • Teen Girls, Ladies, Maternity & Home Decor - $4.50+

  • Bundle two or more inexpensive items together to maintain minimum item prices (onesies, knit pants, receiving blankets, etc).

  • BABY GEAR, in pristine condition and new-with tags items can be priced at around 50% of original retail price

  • Don't let Discount Day affect the price you choose. That will make it too high for regular price shoppers.

  • Our friends at Consignment Mommies have some terrific resources:

  • Back on the Rack Pricing Guide (OLD)

Easy way to INCREASE EARNINGS! Pricing in even dollars? START ADDING $0.50 TO YOUR PRICES. For most shoppers, if they'll pay $4 for an item, they'll pay $4.50 too!

Think about it...

100 items x $0.50 = $50 MORE TOTAL SALES!

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Discount day is a huge draw for shoppers! Your stuff is already out of the house... sell it to someone who needs it!


More thoughts on discounting from our friends at Consignment Mommies: 
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(by specific item, clothing size,

brand and condition!) available

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