Price Like a Pro to Sell More

Our sellers set their own prices! Way better than taking your chances at a kids' resale store, right? But, PRICING IS THE #1 REASON YOU PICK-UP A LOT OR A LITTLE AFTER THE SALE.

In general, price items between 30% - 50% of original retail price. WATCH OUR NEW PRICING VIDEO for tips on taking into account BRAND, AGE and CONDITION. 

We want you to sell all your items! Here are a few things to keep in mind when pricing:

  • PRICE AS IF YOU WERE THE BUYER. What would you actually pay for the item?

  • MINIMUM ITEM PRICES* (NEW! for 2021)

    • Books & DVD's - $1.50+

    • Baby & Kids - $3.50+

    • Teen Girls, Ladies, Maternity & Home Decor - $4.50+

  • Bundle two or more inexpensive items together to maintain minimum item prices (onesies, knit pants, receiving blankets, etc).

  • BABY GEAR, in pristine condition and new-with tags items can be priced at around 50% of original retail price

  • Don't let Discount Day affect the price you choose. That will make it too high for regular price shoppers.

  • Our friends at Consignment Mommies have some terrific resources:

  • Back on the Rack Pricing Guide (OLD)

Easy way to INCREASE EARNINGS! Pricing in even dollars? START ADDING $0.50 TO YOUR PRICES. For most shoppers, if they'll pay $4 for an item, they'll pay $4.50 too!

Think about it...

100 items x $0.50 = $50 MORE TOTAL SALES!



Discount day is a huge draw for shoppers! Your stuff is already out of the house... sell it to someone who needs it!


More thoughts on discounting from our friends at Consignment Mommies: 
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The Discount Dilemma

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